Proceedings of STeP'96. Jarmo Alander, Timo Honkela and Matti Jakobsson (eds.),
Publications of the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society.

WWW edition, edited by Timo Honkela

STeP '96 - Genes, Nets and Symbols

The WWW publication of the STeP '96 conference proceedings. The conference was organized by the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society and University of Vaasa.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary
of the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society.

Alkusanat - Foreword


Genetic algorithms (in Finnish)
Jarmo T. Alander
University of Vaasa

Genetic algorithms in programming (in Finnish)

Heikki Salo
University of Tampere

Neural networks: an introduction to modern AI (in Finnish)

Timo Honkela
Helsinki University of Technology

Probabilistic Modeling with Bayesian Networks (.ps.gz)

Petri Myllymäki
University of Helsinki

Machine intelligence and learning (in Finnish)

Tapio Elomaa
University of Helsinki

Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks

Neural Networks Research in Finland
Timo Honkela
Helsinki University of Technology

Parallel Programming on Hopfield Nets

Pekka Orponen, Frédéric Prost
University of Helsinki

Turing machines are Recurrent Neural Networks

Heikki Hyötyniemi
Helsinki University of Technology

Structural Optimization of Feedforward Networks

Heikki Hyötyniemi
Helsinki University of Technology

Text Document Classification with Self-Organizing Maps

Heikki Hyötyniemi
Helsinki University of Technology

Datamining Accounting Numbers Using Self-Organizing Maps

Barbro Back, Kaisa Sere, Hannu Vanharanta
Turku School of Economics and Business Administration,

WEBSOM - A status report

Krista Lagus, Timo Honkela, Samuel Kaski, Teuvo Kohonen
Helsinki University of Technology

Modelling Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners' Choices of Forest Taxation Basis by Using Logistic Regression and Neural Networks

Arto Kettunen, Petri Räsänen, Mauno Pesonen
University of Helsinki
Dept of Forest Resource Management

FinnPro -
A Tool for the Simulation of Connectionist Models of Language Production

Anneli Tikkala, University of Kuopio, Finland,
Hans-Jürgen Eikmeyer, University of Bielefeld, Germany,
Matti Laine, University of Turku, Finland
Jussi Niemi, University of Joensuu, Finland

A Training Method for Feedforward and Recurrent RBF Type Neural Networks

Hannu Koivisto, Joni Vahteri
Tampere University of Technology


The Law of Semantic Balance and its Use in Modeling Possible Worlds
Vyacheslav A. Grebenyuk, Helen B. Kaikova, Vagan Y. Terziyan, Seppo Puuronen
State Technical University of Radioelectronics, Kharkov, Ukraine

Finding Optimal Multi-Splits for Numerical Attributes in Decision Tree Learning

Tapio Elomaa, Juho Rousu
University of Helsinki, Finland

Case-Based Reasoning Applied to Fault Diagnostics in GSM Telecommunication Networks

Pekka Ala-Siuru, Matti Kurki
VTT Electronics, Oulu, Finland

Design and Developing an Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Advisory Tool for Materials Purchasing in an Electronics Manufacturing Enviroment

Tapio Frantti
Nokia Telecommunications Oy, Haukipudas, Finland

An Object-Oriented Distributed Problem Solving Environment

Martti Paajanen
ViSolutions, Inc., Helsinki, Finland

Sirex: Diagnosing Forest Damage in the World Wide Web

Jari Perttunen, Jouni Väkevä, Hannu Saarenmaa
Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), Helsinki, Finland

An object-oriented approach to PLC explanation

Johan Plomp (*), Pertti Huuskonen, Esko Malm, Jari Paanasalo
VTT Electronics, Oulu, Finland


Digitaalinen ympäristömalli, todellisuutta simuloituna vai toista todellisuutta
Tapani Launis
Helsinki, Finland

Learning environment for a process automation system using computer networks

Juha Lindfors, Leena Yliniemi, Kauko Leiviskä
University of Oulu, Finland

Additional material

Some pictures of the occasion

Proceedings of the 2NWGA

Along with the STeP conference, the 2nd Nordic Workshop of Genetic Algorithms (2NWGA) was organized.