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Janne Toivola

I'm a postgraduate student at Aalto University and recently started as a software engineer at Eigenor. During the years 2003-2013, I was working as a research assistant and later as a researcher in the Parsimonious Modelling group in HIIT and Algodan. I have participated in ISMO, a multidisciplinary research project dealing with structural health monitoring and wireless sensor networks. I also collaborated in the Wireless Sensor Systems group.

See ISMO demonstrator in action.

Research and other interests

I'm interested in pattern recognition, machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, digital signal processing, embedded and distributed systems, and computer graphics. In addition to computer and information science as my major, I have studied software systems and interactive digital media as minors. Hobbies include amateur radio (OH2GXN) and electronics.

Recently, I compiled a list of interesting references. BibTeX.

Contact information

E-mail: janne.toivolaataalto.fi
(NOTE: There is also another Janne Toivola, if the above portrait does not look familiar.)

Postal address:
Department of Information and Computer Science
Aalto University School of Science and Technology
P.O. Box 15400
FI-00076 Aalto, Finland


Automatically generated lists of my publications can be found at ICS Publications and Google Scholar.

M. Á. Prada, J. Toivola, J. Kullaa, J. Hollmén.
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DOI. Presentation slides.

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DOI. Presentation slides.

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Feature Extraction and Selection from Vibration Measurements for Structural Health Monitoring
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DOI. Presentation slides.

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Also available at portal.acm.org and DOI. Presentation slides.

Master's Thesis

J. Toivola.
Modular specification of dynamic Bayesian networks for time series analysis.
Master's thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, Jan. 2007.
PDF (one-sided layout, 564kB)
PDF (two-sided layout, 569kB)
Presentation slides (in Finnish, 951kB)


NIP - Dynamic Bayesian Network library

The stuff written for my MSc thesis is available via GitHub:


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