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Mudassar Abbas, DSc. (Tech)

I have completed my doctoral dissertation while working at the Deep Learning & Bayesian Modeling, and Complex Systems research groups. I no longer work at Aalto University, School of Science.


During PhD studies, my research focused on Bayesian optimization for tuning chaotic systems as well as deep learning, especially, unsupervised/semi-supervised learning. I have been working on Ladder networks and adversarial training in order to develop a novel regularization framework for deep learning. I also have a Master's degree with distiction in Machine Learning and Data Mining from Aalto University, School of Science.

Room T3175 in TUAS Building,
Maarintie 8, Otaniemi campus area, Espoo

Postal Address:
Dept. of Computer Science,
School of Science, Aalto University
P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland


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  1. M. Abbas, J .Kivinen, T. Raiko. Understanding regularization by virtual adversarial training, ladder networks and others. International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) Workshop track, 2016. PDF.
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  1. Y. Mehmood, M. Abbas, Xi. Chen, Timo Honkela. Self-organizing maps of nutrition, lifestyle and health situation in the world. In Advances in Self-Organizing Maps - Proceedings of WSOM 2011, 8th Int. Workshop, pages 160-167, 2011. Springer, PDF.

PhD. Thesis

  1. Mudassar Abbas. Training methods for climate and neural network models. Aalto University, 2018. PDF.

Master's Thesis

  1. Mudassar Abbas. Statistical Estimation of Wild Animal Population in Finland: A Multiple Target Tracking Approach. Aalto University, 2011. PDF.

Teaching Assistant

CS course: T-61.5130 Machine Learning and Neural Networks