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General information

I am retiring, and will not accept any new people under my supervision.

Dr. Juha Karhunen is Professor of Computer Science (Specification area: Neural networks and signal processing) in the Aalto University School of Science (in Finnish: Aalto yliopisto, Perustieteiden korkeakoulu), located near Helsinki in Espoo, Finland. The Aalto University was formed on 1st January 2010 by merging Helsinki Univ. of Technology (HUT) with two smaller universities, namely Helsinki Univ. of Economics, and Univ. of Art and Design. They are now their own schools in Aalto University, while HUT has been divided in Aalto into four schools.

Juha Karhunen worked up to the end of the year 2014 in the Department of Information and Computer Science. In January 2015, this department was merged with the Department of Media Technology and Department of Computer Science and Engineering, forming the new Department of Computer Science. This is the biggest department in Aalto University, having more than 40 professors and personnel of about 400 people.

Contact information

Prof. Juha Karhunen
Aalto Univ. School of Science
Department of Computer Science

Mail address: P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 Aalto

Street address: Room B327, Computer Science Building
Konemiehentie 2, 02150 Espoo, FINLAND.

Mobile: +358-400-817 276
Fax. +358-9-8550 114

E-mail juha.karhunen@aalto.fi


Curriculum vitae
A complete List of publications. See the 'Publications' subpage for publications available in electronic form.


I have belonged to five research groups in the Department of Computer Science and its predecessors. For more information on these research groups and their activities, please go to my 'Research' subpage. My main research group is currently Applications of Machine Learning. My old research group changed its name three years ago from Bayesian Latent Variable Modeling to Deep Learning and Bayesian Modeling. This research group was under Assistant Prof. Tapani Raiko's supervision until he moved to work in Apple Corp. in August 2016. Furthermore, I was until recently the supervising professor and formal head of two other research groups, Computational Methods and Data Analysis for Astrophysics, and Content-Based Image and Information Retrieval. Drs. Maarit Käpylä (earlier Mantere) and Jorma Laaksonen are respectively leading the daily activities of these two research groups. Their new supervising professors are respectively Aki Vehtari and Samuel Kaski. I have belonged a long time to the research group on Independent component analysis and blind source separation which was led by distinguished professor Erkki Oja, who retired in February 2015. This research group is historically important, but it is no longer active.

My tasks in these research groups have included guiding doctoral and Master's (Dipl. Eng.) theses, making administational decisions, acquiring financial support and project funding, attending project meetings, organizing group meetings, and participating in writing selected papers. More generally, one of my most important research related tasks consists of reviewing of papers submitted to journals and conferences in which I am often a member of the program committee.

Lecture or seminar courses at HUT and Aalto University

- Lecture course Machine Learning and Neural Networks. I have lectured this course for the first time in November-December 2007, and then yearly at the same time. I have renewed this course, which belongs to our department's international Machine learning and data mining) M.Sc. study programme. In autumn 2017, the topic of this course will be changed to deep learning, and its new lecturer will be Dr. Jyri Kivinen.

Graduate courses on varying topics:
- In spring 2009, a seminar course on Nature-Inspired Computing
- In spring 2006, a lecture course on Independent Component Analysis.
- In spring 2004, a seminar course on Information Theory and Machine Learning.
- In spring 2003, a seminar course on Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods.

Memberships in scientific organizations

Senior member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) up to 2014.
Member of the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland. Also member of IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition).
Formerly member of the International Neural Network Society (INNS), and Blind DSP Committee of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

Memberships in editorial boards of journals

Member of the editorial board of Neurocomputing, 1997-2004.
Member of the editorial board of Neural Processing Letters, 1999-2003; again 2008-2010.

ICA book

Hyvärinen, A., Karhunen, J., and Oja, E., Independent Component Analysis. J. Wiley 2001, 481+xxii pages.

See the homepage of this comprehensive textbook for more information and ordering instructions, as well as for a Japanese translation (2005) and Chinese translation (2007).