1999 COURSE: The first lecture will take place in the large lecture hall in basement of Laurikainen building on Wednesday, September 15th, at 16 o'clock. The assistant is Pirjo Pasanen. The web page of the course will be at:

Theories of particle physics in fall 1998

Theories of particle physics is a special course in laudatur and postgraduate program in theoretical physics lectured during the fall term of 1998. The course has ended. The next course will take place during the fall term of 1999. For further information on the course or on exams please contact professor Masud Chaichian.

Lecturer: Masud Chaichian
Assistant: Kai Puolamäki
Final results: We have gone through the exam papers. The grades should already be in the registry.
The exam papers can be fetched from my office (HIP207, Laurikainen building 2nd floor). The final results will not be posted publicly. Look at your mailbox instead. (more about exam)
P.S. Apparently, contrary to our explicit request, the results were posted to the downstairs lobby after all...

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