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          Department of Information and Computer Science

Erik Aurell, FiDiPro Professor

Research Interests

Erik Aurell is Finland Distinguished Professor of the Academy of Finland since June 2008. At his home institution, KTH--Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, he is Director of KTH Computational Biology and Professor of Biological Physics. Aurell's Stockholm research group presently consists of himself (this page contains a brief resume, with links) and two students. Aurell's Helsinki group consists of himself and postdoctoral researcher Hamed Mahmoudi. We presently have openings for one or more graduate students, starting as early as possible.


In the first quarter of the academic year 2009-2010 I am teaching T-79.7003 Research Course in Theoretical Computer Science. I will cover most of the recent monograph Information, Physics, and Computation by Marc Mezard and Andrea Montanari (Oxford University Press, 2009).

In Sweden I regularly teach Quantitative Systems Biology; an outline of the course when most recently given can be found from by following the link.

Research group

Hamed Mahmoudi just joined (i.e. by fall of 2009) my group as a postdoctoral fellow. Information about my Stockholm group can be found by following the link.


A list of my publications since 2003 can be found here.