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Tommi Suvitaival


I completed my doctoral degree in November 2014, after which this page is no longer updated. For up-to-date information, please check my profiles elsewhere and contact via tommi.suvitaival@alumni.aalto.fi.

About Me

I worked at the Statistical Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Group, supervised by Prof. Samuel Kaski.

The topic of my research was Bayesian Multi-Way Models for Data Translation in Computational Biology. This included the development of machine learning methods for (1) finding similarities between humans and model organisms in terms of diseases and their treatments at the molecular level, and (2) the generalization of the outcome of novel treatments from model organisms to humans.

In my previous works, I developed methods for the analysis of high-dimensional metabolomic data arising from multiple sources. I was involved with the Tekes-funded Transcendo and Multibio projects, and the Academy of Finland-funded ChemBio project. I was a member of the FICS doctoral programme. In 2012, funded by the Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion and FICS, I visited University of Glasgow to work with Dr. Simon Rogers.


Conference and workshop presentations

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