Lesson 15: 1-up, 2-up, and 3-up

1-up Siteswap 522. Make one throw higher and wait with a ball in each hand until the throw is landing before you continue juggling. You may use the extra time for instance for swoops.

2-up Sitewap 5520. Make two higher throws and wait with the third ball in hand until you continue. Note that you have a lot of time with the second throw, so you can make it under your leg, behind your back, over your shoulder, or anything.

3-up Siteswap 55500. Throw all three balls higher. The throws need to be somewhat equally high for you to be able to continue smoothly. Also, to avoid collisions in the air, throw them up near the middle line of your body. You can use the extra time to clap your hands together.

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