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Important in life

websom Heart: Family and friends. Furthering well-being in the world.

Brains: Adaptive learning, autonomous systems, neural networks, unsupervised learning in natural language understanding and generation, statistical methods for natural language processing. See also my work page.

Mind and body: Raja yoga and meditation as taught by Taavi Kassila. Also various other kinds of yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques, including a few Tara Rokpa meditation practices. Family constellation is pretty interesting too. Deep relaxation treatments such as Creact relaxation treatment by Tuula Styrman and classic acupuncture by Anu Rusanen.

Activities in the past: Astanga yoga, karate, taiji, zen meditation.

It is hard to describe these matters with words, so if you are really interested, you should try out yourself. As a zen teacher once said, "Reading about zen or talking about zen is not zen, only meditation is zen." (Sante Poromaa, 1996). The same applies to karate, shindo, and many other matters that are not purely abstract ideas or facts but more like embodied experiences: learning by doing or learning by feeling.

Motto: You become the consequence of your own actions. Therefore, choose carefully what you do in your life, every day. A fullfilling life is achieved by all the time taking small steps that accord with and work towards whatever you consider important. I think the quote: "The answer lies in taking the road" means just this.

Dreams: To find the path to enlightment. To canoe in Canada. To climb a real mountain. To visit Japan. Friendship and love.

Fun and enjoyment: Kayaking (also longer trips), hiking, biking. Thai food. Books. Amateur photos. Internet.

Contact: Preferably email.

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