• I've been the teaching assistant (and mentor) for the 'Research Project in Machine Learning and Data Science' course at Aalto University for two semesters (Sept-Jan 2016 and 2017). We got two WWW'17 posters out of these projects.
  • While at IIIT-H, I taught Python programming for Masters students from non-CS backgrounds (class of 40 students).


  • I've been a reviewer for WSDM'16 and 2017, sub-reviewer for WWW and ICWSM 2016, 2017.


  • There's a pretty lively debating scene at Aalto University, and Helsinki in general. I was quite active in it, being a member of the board and winning a tournament :) (Turku Open)


  • Travel is one my passions. My current country count is 38 (meaning, I've visited at least one city in each of those 38 countries).
  • Some crazy places I've been to include Tibet (trekking at 5500 meters), Svalbard (northernmost settlement in the world), Atacama desert in Northern Chile.


  • Inspired by Sarah Andersen and PhD Comics, I'm trying to learn to draw comics, mostly based on my life as a PhD student.
  • I'm very very bad, but here are some initial sketches.
  • I realized after getting into it, that getting the story right is pretty hard :)
  • My ultimate objective is to create an illustrated comic book about my PhD life... Lets see.. :)