Jaakko Hollmén: open-source software packages

Matlab package for assessing diagnostic accuracy

Matlab program package for measuring the accuracy of diagnostic systems, includes functions for assessment of false positive and true negative alarms with the use of ROC-analysis. Downloadable as roc_analysis.tar.gz

Jaakko Hollmén. User Profiling and Classification for Fraud Detection in Mobile Communications Networks. Doctoral thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, 2000.

BernoulliMix — program package for mixture models of Bernoulli distributions

BernoulliMix program package provides tools to work with finite mixture models of multivariate Bernoulli distributions, also known as Bernoulli mixtures. The program package can be used for probabilistic modeling of 0-1 data. The target audience includes researchers, teachers, and students in machine learning and data mining.

See BernoulliMix — program package for finite mixture models of multivariate Bernoulli distributions

Jaakko Hollmén, Jouni K. Seppšnen, and Heikki Mannila. Mixture models and frequent sets: combining global and local methods for 0-1 data. In Daniel BarbarŠ and Chandrika Kamath, editors, Proceedings of the Third SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, pages 289–293. Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2003.