Jaakko Hollmén: Research Interests

I am a Chief Research Scientist at the Department of Information and Computer Science, (previously Laboratory of Computer and Information Science) of the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland.

I am interested in data analysis or data mining using techniques of probabilistic modeling and machine learning. Previously, I was also conducting research about artificial neural networks. In the research projects within our research group Parsimonious Modeling at the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT), we are interested in parsimonious models — compact or sparse representations of the data.

I have taught a large number of courses on varying topics in our laboratory for post-graduate students. I am teaching a Master's level course T-61.5140 Machine Learning: Advanced Probabilistic Methods. On the course, we use the software package BernoulliMix for the term project.

I started my research career as a Master's student at the the Laboratory of Computer and Information Science in 1996 and started to conduct research on industrial applications of Self-Organizing Maps. A six month visit to Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich, Germany was strecthed to almost four years, during which time I prepared my Dcotoral thesis User Profiling and Classification for Fraud detection in Mobile Communications Networks. The thesis was awarded by the Research Foundation of Information Processing. After the thesis, I have concentrated on algorithmic data analysis, with applications to bioinformatics and environmental informatics. See the Publications page for specific articles.