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Behavioral & Brain Sciences, Cambridge University Press: homepage
Biological Cybernetics, Springer-Verlag: homepage
Information and Computation, Academic Press: homepage
Nature: homepage
Neural Computation, The MIT Press: homepage
Science: homepage


The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, M. A. Arbib, The MIT Press: overview
An Introduction to Numerical Analysis, K. E. Atkinson, John Wiley & Sons
Neural Networks, S. Haykin, Macmillan College Publishing Company: overview
Probability Theory: The Logic of Science, E. T. Jaynes: overview
Self-Organizing Maps, T. Kohonen, Springer-Verlag: overview
Theory of Statistics, M. J. Schervish, Springer-Verlag: overview

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Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness: homepage
ICA group at HUT: homepage
USC Brain Project: homepage

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Bayesian methods for neural networks - FAQ, David J. C. MacKay: homepage
Bayesian Statistics Personal Web Page: homepage
Neural Nets FAQ: link


Cambridge University Press: homepage
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