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Ritabrata Dutta

PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher

Room T-B345 in Computer Science Building,
Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi campus area, Espoo
Postal Address:
Aalto University School of Science,
Department of Information and Computer Science,
P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
+358 503012510

About Me

I'm a postdoctoral research scientist in the Statistical Machine Learning and Bioinformatics group led by Prof. Samuel Kaski and I'm working for the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology and The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Computational Inference Research. My research interest include Big-data Analysis, Likelihood-free Inference, Bayes Model Selection, Bayesian Classification, Unpaired Data-Integration for Genomics and Statistical Applications in Geology, Bioinformatics and Engineering.

Curriculum Vitae


Big Data Analysis

"How big is big for noisy data?", (working-paper). (with Samuel Kaski)

Likelihood-free Inference

"Likelihood-free inference via classificiaction", (submitted). (with Michael U. Gutmann and Samuel Kaski and Jukka Corander)

"Approximate Bayesian Computation for Chaotic Weather Models: Lorenz 95", (working-paper). (with Michael U. Gutmann and Samuel Kaski and Jukka Corander)

Retrieval of Experiment and Sequential meta Bayesian analysis

"Modelling-based experiment retrieval: A case study with gene expression clustering", Bioinformatics, 2016. (with Paul Blomstedt, Sohan Seth, Alvis Brazma and Samuel Kaski)

"Bayesian inference in hierarchical models by combining independent posteriors", (submitted). (with Paul Blomstedt and Samuel Kaski)

Bayesian Model Selection

"Bayes Model Selection with Path Sampling: Factor Models and Other Examples", Statistical Science, 28 (1), pp. 95-115, 2013 . (with Jayanta K. Ghosh)

"Model Selection and Multiple Testing - A Bayesian and Empirical Bayes Overview and some New Results", Journal of Indian Statistical Association, 50, pp. 105-142, 2012. (with Malgorzata Bogdan and Jayanta K Ghosh)

Bayesian classification

"Intelligent Bayes Classifier (IBC) for ENT infection classification in hospital environment", Biomedical Engineering Online, BioMed, 5 (65) doi: 10.1186/1475-925X-5-65, (Dec 2006). (with Ritaban Dutta)

""Maximum Probability Rule" based unsupervised classification of MRSA infections in hospital environment: using Electronic Nose", Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 120(1), pp.156-165, (March 2006). (with Ritaban Dutta)

Stat-Math Applications

"Some Observations on Novel Statistical Issues in Analysis of High Dimensional Problems of Inference about Genes", JISAS, 65 (2), 205-212, 2011. (with Jayanta K. Ghosh)

"Experimental and Numerical Study of Heat Transfer in Horizontal Concentric Annulus Containing Phase Change Material", The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 86, (4) 700-710 (Aug 2008). (with Arnab Atta and Tapas Kumar Dutta,)

"Estimation of differential growth of skull roof bones of temnospondyl amphibians", Numerical Methods and Models in Earth Science (ed. by Partha Sarathi Ghosh, NIPS) 2010. (with Partha Sarathi Ghosh and Dhurjati Prasad Sengupta)

"Study of Optimal Adaptive Rule in Testing Problem", Advances in Multivariate Statistics (pp 273-283), (ed. by Ashish Sengupta, World Scientific) (Jun 2009). (with Subir Kumar Bhandari and Rajarshi Guha Neogi)

Conference and Workshop

  • Slides Ritabrata Dutta and Jayanta K Ghosh, Bayes Model Selection with Path Sampling : Factor Models, The 2013 International Workshop on Bayes Model Selection, 14-18 January, Shanghai, China, 2013.
  • "Retrieval of Experiments with Sequential Dirichlet Process Mixtures in Model Space", (with Sohan Seth and Samuel Kaski), Refereed extended abstract in the NIPS 2013 workshop on New Directions in Transfer and Multi-Task: Learning Across Domains and Tasks, 2013.
  • "Classification and Bayesian Optimization for Likelihood-Free Inference", (with Michael U. Gutmann and Samuel Kaski and Jukka Corander), Refereed extended abstract in the NIPS 2014 workshop ABC in Montreal, Montreal, 2014.
  • Phd Thesis

    Model Selection : Bayes and Frequentist Perspective, Department of Statistics, Purdue University, 2012, Advisor: Jayanta K Ghosh and Guang Cheng.

    Master's Thesis

    A Note on Gaussian Correlation Conjecture and Unlinking Conjecture, Indian Statistical Institute, 2008, Advisor: Subir Kumar Bhandari.