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Kimmo Järvinen

Docent, D.Sc. (Tech.), Researcher

As of Nov. 2016, I am no longer employed by Aalto and these pages will not be updated. I can still be contacted with the following email address: firstname.lastname(replace ä with a)@aalto.fi

Room T-B250 in Computer Science Building,
Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi campus area, Espoo
Postal Address:
Aalto University, School of Science,
Department of Computer Science,
P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 Aalto, Finland
+358 40 738 4675
firstname.lastname(replace ä with a)@aalto.fi

About me

I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the cryptography group led by Prof. Kaisa Nyberg. I make research on various aspects of cryptographic engineering and applied cryptography. My recent research interests include, for example, efficient and secure implementation of cryptographic algorithms, elliptic curve cryptography, finite field arithmetic, and lightweight implementations.


You can get an idea of the topics of my research from the following wordle generated from the titles of my papers...



My publication list can be found here.

Selected Talks