AtariGo for Palm by Tapani Raiko

AtariGo (v1.5, 38 kb) is a public domain game for PalmOS (1.0 and above).
Monochrome to 8-bit colours. No warranty. Play against your Palm!
Warnings: Please remove an older version before updating. Highest level might think quite long.
Some particular hacks seem to make menu shortcuts nonfunctional.

What is AtariGo?

AtariGo is also known as the capture game -variant of the ancient oriental game of Go.

Do you know Go?


The one who makes the first capture wins. The game starts on a 10 by 10 board with a crosscut in the middle. No passing.


Try it as a soft introduction to Go or as a nice boardgame as itself. You can check the rules below.


The beginning of a game.

An example game.


The players alternately place stones of their own colour to empty points on the board. Black is first. Once a stone is on the board, it is never moved or removed. The first player to surround some opponent stones wins. The surrounding is clarified below.

Stones of the same colour that touch each other form strings. Top left corner shows two black strings; one with three stones and the other with just one.
A string is surrounded when it does not touch an empty point. The black string in the top right corner is surrounded by six white stones and the one in bottom right corner is surrounded by just two stones.

If black plays to the blue point, he makes a suicide and loses the game. On the other hand, if he first plays to the red point and later to the blue point, he wins. (even with his own stone surrounded!)
Neither player wants to play in the bottom left corner, since the other player can win by playing to the other point. The white string is therefore safe as long as there is room to play elsewhere on the board.


Use the pointer to play. After the game has ended, you can start a new game
by touching the board anywhere. Select players by using the menu.

Version History


Release date



Mar 12, 2003

Small fixes


Jun 6, 2002

Returned to v1.2 with the speedup.


May 29, 2002

Speedup in AI, visualisation of thinking. Unstable for unknown reason. (My debugger does not work and the error message blames blitter.c which I have no clue about)


May 24, 2002

Added levels 3 and 4, minor change in menu.


May 5, 2002

Colour version added, bugfix in AI.


Apr 26, 2002

First release, monochrome, two playing levels.


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