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Position at TKK
Research group leader: Speech recognition and Multimodal interfaces
Professor (pro tem from August 2001) and Docent at TKK
2003-2008: Research Fellow in Finnish Academy
(from August 2008): Chief Research Scientist at AIRC (Adjunct Professor at TKK)

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Education at TKK
Doctor of Science in Technology ('97)
Licentiate of Science in Technology ('94)
Master of Science ('92)

Work address
Helsinki University of Technology
Adaptive Informatics Research Centre
P.O. Box 5400 (Konemiehentie 2)
FIN-02015 TKK, Finland

+358 9 451 5388 (office)
+358 50 347 6221 (mobile)
+358 9 451 3277 (fax)

E-mail address
Mikko.Kurimo (at)

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Teaching at TKK
Statistical language modeling: Post-graduate seminar, Autumn 2001
Neural networks for speech processing: Post-graduate seminar, Spring 2002
Audio mining: Post-graduate seminar, Autumn 2002
Robust language and speech technology: Post-graduate seminar, Spring 2003
Multimodal Systems: Post-graduate seminar, Spring 2005
Unsupervised morphology: Post-graduate seminar, Autumn 2008
Speech Recognition: Graduate/Post-graduate course, Autumn 2008
Noise Robust Speech Recognition: Post-graduate seminar, Spring 2009

Lab resources
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My research interests include machine learning, speech recognition, information retrieval and natural language processing. In 1998 - 2000 I worked as a post doc at IDIAP in Switzerland doing research on large vocabulary continuous speech recognition and indexing broadcast news by speech recognition. There I participated in two long-term European projects: THISL (Thematic Indexing of Spoken Language) and ASSAVID (Automatic Segmentation and Semantic Annotation of Sports Videos). Then I returned to the Neural Networks Research Centre in order to improve our continuous speech recognition and use it for speech indexing. My research group has developed a fully home-grown unlimited vocabulary speech recognition system for Finnish and tested it also for Estonian and English. Especially, the statistical (adaptive) morpheme-based language modeling for the agglutinative languages, like Finnish, Estonian and Turkish, has been our major achievement. I am also involved in a few industrial projects as well as the projects of Finnish Technology Programs USIX(User-Oriented Information Technology) and FENIX (Interactive Computing) and the development of the new Finnish Speech Bank (radio and television broadcasts etc.). In EU network of excellence PASCAL (Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning) I act as a site manager at TKK and I'm the organzinger of MorphoChallenge contest. At the new Adaptive Informatics Research Centre that was recently nominated as one the Centres of Excellence of the Academy of Finland, I'm the head of the Multimodal Interfaces Research Group.

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