(Venkata Rama) Kiran Garimella

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers university. Prior to that, I was the Michael Hammer Post-doc at the Institute for Data, Society and Systems at MIT. Prior to that I spent a year working with Prof. Robert West in the Data science lab. I finished my PhD at Aalto University, Helsinki, under the supervision of Prof. Aris Gionis. My PhD thesis was on identifying and countering online filter bubbles using algorithmic techniques. My broad research interests include Social Computing, Computational Social Science, Graphs, Data Mining, and Machine Learning.

Before starting my PhD, I worked at Yahoo Research and Qatar Computing Research Institute for a few years (more here). I completed my Masters (by research) and Bachelors (Honours) in Computer Science from IIIT-Hyderabad under the supervision of Prof. Vikram Pudi.

During my research career, I've been fortunate enough to work on a wide range of topics, including Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Distributed Computing, and Computational Social Science. I've also been involved in many inter disciplinary projects, invovling social scientists, psychologists, political scientists, journalists and demographers (See publications). My work has been covered extensively in the international media.

Recent News

  • Most recent Recent News: Realized that a website is too old for updating recent news. Follow me on Twitter for the latest news!
  • Mar 2018: One short paper and one dataset paper accepted at ICWSM 2018.
  • Feb 2018: PhD defense done!! Here's my thesis.
  • Dec 2017: Paper accepted at WWW 2018.
  • Oct 2017: Paper accepted at WSDM 2018.
  • Sep 2017: Paper accepted at NIPS 2017 and TSC (journal).
  • Jun 2017: Best Student Paper award at WebSci 2017.
  • May 2017: I won the ICWSM Science slam!! :)
  • Apr 2017: One full, two short and one poster papers accepted at WebScience.
  • Mar 2017: Three short papers accepted at ICWSM.
  • Feb 2017: Two posters and a demo accepted at WWW 2017!
  • Feb 2017: Our tutorial titled 'Polarization on Social Media' has been accepted at ICWSM 2017! (Slides)
  • Feb 2017: Gave talks at Kings College, Queen Mary University (London) and University of Edinburgh about Polarization on social media (Slides).
  • Feb 2017: Best Student Paper award at WSDM 2017.