Kai Puolamäki's personal pictorial diary of the Spåtind conference

From these pages you can find my personal photograhic diary of the Spåtind 2000 conference. The conference took place on January 4-10, 2000, in a remote Norwegian holiday resort. In addition to interesting seminars there was lots of skiing, eating and being with friends.

I have a lot more pictures in addition to those scanned to these pages. I may scan some more later on. You are welcome to come to see the original pictures in my office.

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Some technical stuff: please note that your monitor does not really do justice for the technical quality of the photographs. I hold the copyright for the pictures; however, please feel free to make copies for your private personal use. The sizes of the JPEG images range from 28k to 84k (8 to 23 seconds on 28,800 baud modem). The pictures reside also in a directory on my PC (accessible only from the University of Helsinki). From there you can find the pictures also in TIFF format.

URL: http://www.iki.fi/kaip/spaatind/

Copyright © 2000 Kai Puolamäki (Kai.Puolamaki@iki.fi)