T-61.183 Eye assignment, spring 2005

A suggestions for an assignment for T-61.183 Multimodal systems, spring 2005:

Assignment could be generic: Familiarize yourself with e.g. the references given below and make a presentation of the topic of most interest to you. Or then the assignment could be given on a more specific topic or a combination of such topics, as

Some references

Kai Puolamäki, T-61.183 Multimodal systems with eye movements, 31 January 2005, lecture transparencies. (PDF)

Eyetrack study

Steve Outing, Laura Ruel, "The Best of Eyetrack III: What We Saw When We Looked Through Their Eyes", 2004, http://www.poynterextra.org/eyetrack2004/main.htm


The Dasher Project, http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/

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Aulikki Hyrskykari, Päivi Majaranta, Antti Aaltonen, Kari-Jouko Räihä (2000) Design issues of iDict: A gaze-assisted translation aid. Proc. Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications (ETRA 2000), Palm Beach Gardens, FL, 9-14. ACM Press: New York.

Aulikki Hyrskykari, Päivi Majaranta, Antti Aaltonen, Kari-Jouko Räihä (2003), Proactive Response to Eye Movements, INTERACT 2003.

Additional "reading"

K. Rayner, Eye movements in reading and information processing: 20 years of research, Psychological Bulletin, 124(3):372-422, 1998.

Information retrieval

Jarkko Salojärvi, Kai Puolamäki, and Samuel Kaski: Relevance feedback from eye movements for proactive information retrieval. In Workshop on Processing Sensory Information for Proactive Systems (PSIPS 2004), Oulu Finland, June 14-15, 2004.

PASCAL EU Network of Excellence Relavance from eye movements challenge, http://www.pascal-network.org/Challenges/IREM/


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