popsim, a population simulator

The popsim program is a simple population simulator. Popsim simulates a population of single-chromosome diploid individuals that grows at a constant rate with a simple sibling-avoiding mating model, and outputs the final distribution of initial alleles at a given number of marker loci in the final population or in a sample thereof.

Used in: Salmela et al., Subpopulation difference scanning: a strategy for exclusion mapping of susceptibility genes. [Journal of Medical Genetics]

[download], a dense itemset miner finds dense itemsets, as described in the article Seppänen and Mannila, Dense Itemsets [ACM DL] [Citeseer] [pdf] and my doctoral dissertation. This is a C++ implementation of the levelwise algorithm.

[download], a dense itemset miner finds dense itemsets, like above. The difference is that this Python implementation also includes the two top-k algorithms, and may be more useful for experimentation, but the C++ implementation is probably much faster for the levelwise task.


tilings, a tile model miner

This program finds geometric tile models, as described in the article Gionis, Mannila, and Seppänen, Geometric and combinatorial tiles in 0-1 data [Springer] [Citeseer] [pdf] and my doctoral dissertation.

Also included is reorder.m, a Matlab script for spectral sorting a matrix.


Last modified: 2006-06-14
Jouni K. Seppänen