Hannu H. Kari

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  My main research area: Mobility and security issues of military-grade wireless ad hoc networks

  My term as a professor at TCS-lab ends by 31st of March 2007. I'll start in my new position at National Defence University as a research director beginning of April 2007.

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Want to make thesis (MSc, Lic.Tech, PhD) under my supervision. See attached information at here for instructions on how to write a thesis.

Personal Interests (some of them)

Currently shooting with three different Bowtech bows: 1x Allegiance 2005, 2x Allegiance 2006
Earlier I practiced also Kyudo.

Member of Mensa Finland
International Mensa, Mensa in Finland,

Easy IQ tests: Mensa workout

Difficult IQ tests Mega tests, and other uncommonly difficult IQ tests

My call sign is OH2EJK.
Link to Finnish Radio Amateur League (SRAL).


'Latent Sector Faults and Reliability of Disk Arrays' [in PDF-format] [in PS-format]

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